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May 2011 - May 2012 Retrospective

In 2008 I started making icons (holy cow) but two years ago my computer got stolen and I lost everything that I had icon related... this lead to a pretty long hiatus... but I slowly got back into icon making, started a new icon comm (this one), rebooting magicmachine again (with lots of help) and I have been making icons again for a solid year!  In celebration of this fact I thought that I would post a retrospective.  I only included my favorite icons from the fandoms that I icon the most, but still I am pretty proud of this years work on the whole and it's nice to see everything posted together because my icon posts are typically so small.  So if you are watching this comm thank you very much, it means a lot.

Once Upon a Time (8)


Downton Abbey (11) 


Misfits (13)


 Avengers (14)


Harry Potter (21)


True Blood (21)


Game of Thrones (37)



Doctor Who (46)


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